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5 Day Fitness Devotional

Mother Mindset health coaching empowers women of God to overcome negative thoughts and balance her hormones so that she can lose weight and be more consistent with her health to and through motherhood!

Do you ever feel discouraged and overwhelmed in your health journey?

You've tried multiple diet fads and workout trends but haven't been able to keep the weight off.

Or when you do find something that works you struggle in being consistent and actually sticking to it?

I understand what you’re going through. I had the same problems as well. In 2018 I had two back to back miscarriages with one lasting 45 days.

I was holding weight in my stomach area and what you would call "skinny fat". I really didn't feel confident in my body and I definitely wasn't consistent with any type of workout routine. Something had to change if I wanted to get healthy for my rainbow baby.

Finally, I realized, with the help of God, I needed to balance my hormones by healing my gut issues, change my lifestyle habits, and grow my relationship with the Lord so that He could show me step by step what my life would start to look like. When I started changing my lifestyle from the inside out I was able to conceive my rainbow baby.

I continued healing from the inside out through pregnancy, postpartum and motherhood! The methods I've used have helped me lose 30+ pounds after each of my pregnancies and KEEP it off! Praise God!

That's why I created the Pray, Sweat, Slay: 5 Day Fitness Devotional. 5 Days of video workouts and devotionals delivered straight to your inbox to help you build discipline and consistency spiritually and physically so that you can grow in your faith and get healthy!

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